Thursday, 7 July 2011

To Be Weightless

What does "weightless" mean.

Now if you've read my post about me and the story of my eating disorder you may jump to the conclusion that I can't be in recover because my blog is titled "Weightless Ambition".  That I must not be in recovery as I am clearly still obsessed with weight.  So I would like to clear that up and say it's actually the opposite.

To me to be weightless means to be free- to be free of my eating disorder, to be free from worrying about my weight, to be free from calorie counting.  Weightless to me means to be light, with no worries, nothing bogging me down.  In terms of actual weight, weightless means to me to not care about what I weight, what size of clothes I wear, to stop scrutinizing my flaws and love myself.

It is my ultimate goal in my recovery to reach the point of weightless- a time when I am free to live my life free of my eating disorder and free to bask in the incredible light that is life.

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